July 31, 2023
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Promising Step Forward in Responsible AI: Themis' Role in Shaping the Future

The White House secures voluntary commitments for responsible AI deployment from leading companies. What is the role of Themis AI in this space?

Promising Step Forward in Responsible AI: Themis' Role in Shaping the Future


The emergence of OpenAI's ChatGPT has made waves in the global AI landscape, attracting attention from politicians and the general public alike. This generative AI has not only made headlines in the United States but has also captured the interest of major players in Europe and China too. 

Though the advent of ChatGPT and similar generative AI technologies brings immense promise, it is not without ethical risks. While these innovations have the potential to revolutionize various industries, they also raise concerns about the responsible use and deployment of AI. For instance, this technology may massively spread misinformation and inadvertently reveal sensitive, private information infringing on individuals' privacy rights.

Moved by these kinds of concerns, the White House recently made the announcement that it has secured “voluntary commitments” from leading AI companies (e.g., OpenAI, Google, Meta) that they will create and deploy AI responsibly. 

In this blog post, we will explore the importance of these commitments and shed light on how Themis’s cutting-edge technology can empower companies to foster responsible AI.

Three Commitments

The White House’s announcement centers around three pivotal commitments made by top AI companies:

  1. Ensuring Products' Safety: Companies commit to thoroughly testing and validating AI products before introducing them to the public. This includes addressing potential risks and vulnerabilities in the development process.
  2. Building Secure Systems: Emphasizing the importance of robust security measures, companies vow to prioritize safeguarding AI systems against malicious exploitation and potential breaches.
  3. Ensuring Public Trust: Companies pledge to maintain transparency by openly reporting their AI systems' capabilities, limitations, and use cases.

Themis: A Revolutionary Tool for Responsible AI 

Themis is an advanced technology that automates the process of making AI models risk-aware. Its remarkable neutrality toward both models and data, combined with its ability to accelerate risk assessment up to tenfold, makes it a valuable asset for AI companies. Themis' technology enables quick and automatic tracking of machine learning models' level of uncertainty. Thus, by using Themis, AI companies can reassure stakeholders, customers, and the public that they can reliably assess their models’ risks. 

For instance, one of the three sets of commitments mentioned above is transparency, i.e.  public reporting of AI systems' capabilities and limitations. This is one of the areas in which Themis' risk metrics come into play, providing immediate value to AI companies. In comparison to traditional metrics, which may be selectively manipulated to present an optimistic image, Themis' metrics have undergone rigorous evaluation according to MIT's academic standards. Employing these credible metrics allows companies to build trust and credibility efficiently, a vital asset in this era of increased AI accountability.

A Positive Step Towards Responsible AI

The voluntary commitments made by top AI companies signal a positive step towards responsible AI deployments. Nevertheless, the true measure of success lies in how diligently these companies act on their promises where it genuinely matters. Considering the challenges in implementing regulations and the pro-business regulatory environment in the US, there is reason for cautious optimism.

Aligned with their mission, Themis is fully dedicated to exploring opportunities that aid companies in complying with evolving ethical and social standards for responsible AI deployments. By empowering AI companies with its groundbreaking technology, Themis aims to play an integral role in shaping a future where AI is developed and deployed responsibly, fostering public trust and fostering innovation.


The recent announcement by the White House, securing voluntary commitments from leading AI companies to deploy AI responsibly, is a significant milestone in the AI industry. While these commitments are promising, the true impact will be measured by concrete actions taken by these companies. Themis, with its innovative risk-awareness technology and commitment to driving responsible AI deployments, stands ready to support these and other key players in their journey towards responsible and ethical AI implementation. With these advancements and collaborations, the future of AI looks brighter than ever before, with responsible AI at its core.

Promising Step Forward in Responsible AI: Themis' Role in Shaping the Future

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